Your skin
Pressing comfort
As i feel your weight and warmth
Reminding me
Like a gentle pinch
That I am real
Reminding me
That you are real too
That you see me
And I see you.

Those who use others
For their own gain
Stealing their labor
As surely as stealing their house
For the ground on which you stand
Is sacred
And will not forever allow you
To desecrate its gentle soil
With your cruelty.

I do not miss
Ice cream cones or toys
Of childhood.
I do not long to curl
In my mother’s arms
Though I might
Miss that too.
I miss waking every morning
And immediately knowing
That today is sacred.


On Living in Community

I’m starting my forth week here in Houston. One of the emphasis-es of Mission Year is living in community. Not just with your neighbors, but with other Christians, living in close proximity and sharing life together. I would like to take a few moments to share some of my insights on living in such a community.

The idea of living with and sharing life with other Christians is nothing new. When times were very dark and bleak in the middle ages, groups of believers, usually unmarried and of the same gender, started forming monastic groups, where they dedicated their time to serving God and serving one another. Many of these groups also had an emphasis on preserving biblical passages and on serving the poor.

Today, usually in the inner cities where social problems abound, there is a new serge of mostly younger believers who are choosing to purposefully live with other believers. Some refer to this as the “new monasticism”. This is distinguished from, say, a group of college students that simply share a house together. Living in community means that you are intentionally seeking to support and care for your housemates. It means challenging one another to make life-giving choices. It means setting aside time to eat together and be together even when its hard. As a part of the community, we all have different gifts and personalities, but all of us have the goal of “Loving God, Loving People”, and all of us want to seek to serve the “least of these” and to be a good neighbor in our neighborhood. Continue reading

I am Loved

I was used to feeling lonely

I was used to feeling pain

But since He’s touched me with His Love

I’ll never be the same


I was used to feeling anxious

I was comforted by fear

Encircled by my restless thoughts

And holding worry near


Without these I was naked

I needed them to feel

Like the world wasn’t empty

Like there was something real


These impulses seduced my soul;

A friend as near as death

They mothered me and smothered me

With every passing breath


I didn’t really think

I could be loved, be satisfied

And so I banged at pots and pans

My loneliness to hide


Love caught me off guard, I didn’t

Expect to meet his eyes

He caught me in exhaustion

When I had fumbled my disguise

Continue reading


Hello everyone!  I want to share the exciting news with you all that I have been accepted to be a part of MissionYear’s Arts Team in Houston, Texas.

Next September I will be living in Houston for a year in a house along with 4 or 5 other twenty-somethings. We will practice community living and hospitality. We will be living in a poor urban neighborhood, with a large immigrant population. We will be learning how to live out the love of Jesus Christ with one another and with our neighbors. We will be learning how to reach out to the community in practical ways.

My life dream is to be a missionary– someone who brings positive change to both the physical and spiritual landscape of the community. I believe this program is the next step in my journey.

In order to be able to serve as a volunteer next year, I will need to raise $12,000 of support. MissionYear will match up to $2,000 of what I raise in December. Please consider supporting me with any amount that you are able. You can donate online by going to my support page:

To support me, just fill in my name (Scarlet Ponder) and Support ID Number (12-9006)


Thank you in advance for your love, encouragement, and generosity!

Join also my facebook page:

Let me know if you would like to be on my email list to recieve the latest news on my journey 🙂


I can’t help but pray in the streets

The world is too loud

To keep my prayers quiet

Wisdom crying out on sidewalks

Justice begging at the doors of city hall


Anxiety climbing my throat like a slender monster

Pacing my stomach and spinning the thoughts in my head

And my spirit pushing upward, pushing through the stopped up well

My spirit crying out for me to rise

My spirit hungry to slip into the chambers

Of the King of Heaven’s realm

My spirit knowing every day

That whispered prayers

Can tear a nation down or build it up

That spirit words

can turn suicide to hope

deception to sincerity

depression to creative zeal

anger to a well of healing tears


I know that every hour of prayer

Is a coat of oil

On my body


Burning off the old dead skin


I know that every hour of prayer

Makes me shine

A lighthouse reaching out

For shipwrecked souls


I know that every word

That I whisper to the King

And every word he whispers back

Strengthens me

Sustains me to my core

So that no war on earth

Can shake me from this passion,

From this place

Knowing this, how can I help

But seek His face?


A man who will sit at home with me while I work on bills and sorting papers. A man who will ride along with me when I need to run errands.

A man who will kiss me passionately but then stop before it goes too far and totally respect my boundaries

A man who enjoy passing time with me but will be okay with me moving across the country in 10 months.

A man who spends time in prayer and in the presence of God and who loves the word of God

A man who wants to do something bigger than himself and isn’t afraid to take on a challenge

A man who enjoys dancing and who knows how to lead

A man who challenges me and isn’t intimidated by me

A man who takes me on adventures that I would not have imagined (and I have a good imagination…)

A man who won’t think I’m crazy when I speak in tongues and pace when I pray

But then again, I may be expecting too much. Anyone seen a man like this?