Thanks Mom <3




I can’t help but pray in the streets

The world is too loud

To keep my prayers quiet

Wisdom crying out on sidewalks

Justice begging at the doors of city hall


Anxiety climbing my throat like a slender monster

Pacing my stomach and spinning the thoughts in my head

And my spirit pushing upward, pushing through the stopped up well

My spirit crying out for me to rise

My spirit hungry to slip into the chambers

Of the King of Heaven’s realm

My spirit knowing every day

That whispered prayers

Can tear a nation down or build it up

That spirit words

can turn suicide to hope

deception to sincerity

depression to creative zeal

anger to a well of healing tears


I know that every hour of prayer

Is a coat of oil

On my body


Burning off the old dead skin


I know that every hour of prayer

Makes me shine

A lighthouse reaching out

For shipwrecked souls


I know that every word

That I whisper to the King

And every word he whispers back

Strengthens me

Sustains me to my core

So that no war on earth

Can shake me from this passion,

From this place

Knowing this, how can I help

But seek His face?