Why Blogging is an Act of Courage (at least for me)

writing+02The biggest challenge of writing is not necessarily the exercise of crafting words and paragraphs and a flow that is pleasing and engaging. The hard part is the ideas. Because to write something, there is a sense of permanence that does not exist with spoken words. When you write something there is a feeling of finality, that you have made up your mind, at least enough to mark it in a way where others will read it and know your thoughts, at least the ones you’ve chosen to share.

That appeals to me because, as someone who has struggled with feelings of loneliness throughout my life, sharing my thoughts, even with a stranger, is an act that brings me closer to other human beings in this world, and makes me feel less alone.

This also terrifies me, because I am the type of person who thinks deeply about topics and likes to look at topics from different perspectives and angles. Even on topics that I am fairly certain I understand well enough to write about, there is always a small voice in my head that tells me, I could be completely wrong. Continue reading


Entry 6: “Something New”

I just finished watching a movie called “Something New” with Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker (2006). Briefly it is the story of a young black professional woman, Kenya, who is still looking for “the one”, when she is set up on a date by a co-worker. Her date turns out to be a white landscape architect. Throughout the movie you watch both Kenya and her backyard blossom, as she begins to discover what it is she really wants and who she is.

This movie stirred me deeply. It artfully and poignantly highlights a lot of questions of race in America, with a kind of frankness that I find refreshing. It also highlights some values which go even deeper than race or any other demographic divide–the importance of loving, forgiving, and living your life without fear of what others may think of you.

The truth of this movie reminds me that the reality of racial divides is a very real, very difficult and very ugly truth. I want to live in the truth regardless of the continual discomfort it may bring. I also want to live in such love and forgiveness, that even in seeing the ugly face of truth I can fill it with grace and move forward in courage.