Humans Can Already Fly

swanson quote

Okay, so humans can’t really fly, at least not by themselves. As usual, our beloved Ron Swanson has spoken a deep truth: humans have had dreams of flying since the beginning of mankind. We spend time thinking about dreams that exceed our natural limitations. However, we rarely consider how many miraculous acts are already within our reach. We are capable of walking, dancing, jumping, skipping, crawling, stretching and contorting into funny shapes, making weird faces, drawing works of art, swimming, climbing, beatboxing, singing…. the list is endless. For the amount of time we spend dreaming of humanly impossible feats, how often do we consider the wide range of movement and skills that the human body is capable of developing? Even acknowledging that different human beings have different capabilities, and not everyone is capable of some physical movements (and that’s okay!)– generally all of us (except perhaps those who are comatose or live with some extreme illness) have a wide range of movement available to us. How often do we take time to reflect and appreciate — and furthermore just fully make ourselves present in and inhabit those forms of movement? How often do we express gratitude to our bodies for all they do for us? Even the parts of our body that may sometimes bring us shame, whether self inflicted or because of expectations imposed by society, or some combination of both [looks down] – yes pot belly, I’m talking about you. The pot belly that brings me conflicting emotions also cheerfully and dutifully carries my excess fat so the rest of me doesn’t have to!

I probably lost some of you in that last sentence, which I admit was slightly bordering on absurd, but which I maintain was truthful nonetheless. The point is, regardless of how you feel about your body in this moment, your body has done a lot for you. Even in this moment, your body is there for you, ready to move as soon as you will it too. I encourage you to take a moment today, and express gratitude to your body for all it has done, all it is doing, and all it will do. Take a break from pointing out its failures (it has heard plenty about those!). Express gratitude, and treat your body to a form of movement that you have not done in a while. Treat your body to a movement it has not done before. Treat your body to some movement that will make you giggle, or make you feel a muscle that you haven’t noticed before. Appreciate in this moment how you can already fly.


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